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    Make Your Best Impression!

    Mens Wear
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    Professional Womens Business Attire

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    Blouses, Dresses and Sportswear

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    Fine Womens Clothing

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    Womens Scarves and Accessories

Fine Womens Wear Collection

Make Your Best Impression!

Our Women's collections include IILUX Hosiery, Foxcroft, Saint James, Jaskar, Echo Scarves, Dizzy Lizzie, Elliott Lauren, Jana, Kamarov dresses, Krimson Klover, Lynn Ritchie, Nomadic Traders, Not Your Daughters Jeans, Parsley & Sage, Peru Unlimited -alpaca products, and Windridge by Cheryl Nash.

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  • Tailored Clothing

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    Elliott Lauren Suits

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    Komarov Dresses

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    Elliott Lauren Suits

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    Lynn Ritchie Dresses

    Brands: Elliott Lauren, Komarov Dresses, Jana, Krimson Klover, Lynn Ritchie and Cheryl Nash, Jaskar
  • Dresses

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    Komarov Dresses

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    Dizzy Lizzie

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    Lynn Ritchie

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    Not Your Daughters Jeans

    Brands: Elliott Lauren, Dizzy Lizzie, Komarov Dresses, Lynn Ritchie, Nomadic Traders, Not Your Daughters Jeans
  • Blouses

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    Not Your Daughters Jeans

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    Not Your Daughters Jeans

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    Brands: Dizzy Lizzie, Elliott Lauren, Jana, Komarov, Lynn Ritchie, Nomadic Traders, Parsley and Sage, Cheryl Nash, Not Your Daughters Jeans, Foxcroft
  • Weekend Sportswear

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    Elliot Lauren

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    Lynn Ritchie

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    Elliot Lauren

    Brands: Elliott Lauren, Komarov, Krimson Klover, Lynn Ritchie, Not Your Daughters Jeans, Parsley and Sage, Cheryl Nash, ILUX Hosiery, Saint James, Jaskar
  • Womens Business Wear

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    Dizzy Lizzie

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    Elliot Lauren

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    Krimson Klover

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    Brands: Elliott Lauren, Cheryl Nash, Nomadic Traders, Not Your Daughters Jeans, Krimson Klover, Komarov, Dizzy Lizzie , Jaskar
  • Accessories

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    Echo Scarves

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    Echo Scarves

    Brands: Echo Scarves, Jana, Komarov, Krimson Klover,

Brands You’ll Find At Britches

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About Us

At Britches Of Concord we carry the very best dress wear and professional business attire for women such as Komarov dresses, Elliot Lauren women’s suits, Echo scarves and Paraboot foot wear. We also carry the best in sportswear, dress trousers, dress skirts, blouses, jewelry and accessories with an array of the best brands for each just check out our women wear page to see more of the professional and dress clothing we offer.

Map Of Our Location

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Contact Info

1 Eagle Square,
Concord, NH


Mon-Fri: 10am-6pm
Sat: 10am-5:30pm

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